How to choose a gaming keyboard?

Players who are keen on E-sports games, all want a gaming keyboard that suits them so that they can play like a god during the game.

At present, the keyboards on the market are mixed, the quality is uneven, and it is particularly troublesome for everyone to pick them up.

Regarding the introduction of gaming keyboards, most of them are confused with office keyboards, and there are few detailed introductions to gaming keyboards alone.

This article is mainly aimed at gaming keyboards, not only from the product point of view but also from the game point of view in detail.


As a gamer, the choice of gaming keyboard should be based on your actual needs.

Before buying a gaming keyboard, you need to know the following questions:

  1. What is your actual budget?

Buying anything requires a certain budget, and the budget determines your final experience. Generally speaking, the higher the price, the better the keyboard performance configuration and operation feel.

For games, unless you have a belief in a big manufacturer’s brand, have high requirements for keyboards, or have customization and gift-giving needs, you can consider high-end series. Otherwise, the general price gaming keyboard can basically meet the needs of most players.


  1. What type of games do you usually play?

When purchasing a gaming keyboard for the first time, many gamers mainly focus on the brand of the gaming keyboard, whether it has a backlight, and whether the arrangement is complete.

In fact, the type of games we usually play and our personal habits are the keys to purchasing a gaming keyboard. Below, I will introduce in detail the focus of different game types on the purchase of game keyboards:

  • FPS, TPS shooting games

Shooting games usually do not need to maintain a large number of command input but need to complete emergency stops, small jumps and other operations when the key is critical. Therefore, when playing the keyboard, it is necessary to consider the fast response of key triggers, high recognition, and good comfort.

To play FPS games, you need to switch buttons quickly, and you often have to hold down a hotkey. In intense games, you need to start with heavier hands. At the same time, shooting games need to focus on listening to the sound, so the sound of the buttons should be small, and the black switch and red switch keyboards will compare Suit.

  • MOBA, RPG stand-alone games

MOBA and RPG games usually have more frequent keystrokes, so the keystroke trigger should be short and the response speed should be fast. This type of game uses a large number of keys, all keys are not overrun, and the key accuracy is better because the game time is longer and comfort is also very important.

This type of gamer is recommended to choose a keyboard with a brown switch or a red switch with low key strength. It is best to have separate functional area keys and RGB backlight settings to facilitate the identification of keys, and the height of the keyboard and comfortable palm rest is also very important.

  • TG action fighting game

FTG action fighting games can refer to the MOBA category. The difference in detail is mainly reflected in the position of the programming keys. High-speed fighting games require players to press the keys immediately, while slow-paced games require special keys on the side.

It is easy to increase hand strength when this type of game is played intensely. At the same time, high-speed combined input is required. It is necessary to have a full key without punching, and the keystroke cannot be too long or too "hard", so the tea switch and red switch keyboard are better choices. , If the hand is heavy, you can consider the blue switch keyboard.


  1. How to choose a gaming keyboard that suits you?

  • According to the desktop situation, choose a good arrangement

If you are new to the game, don't want to spend too much learning cost on the keyboard, and just want to buy a mechanical keyboard with a good feel, quick adaptation, and fewer false touches, the 108/104 key arrangement is the first choice.

If your desktop space is relatively small, you don’t often enter numbers when you play games, and you want a game keyboard with a compact layout, you can consider the 87/84 key arrangement, which is cost-effective.

If you are a keyboard geek enthusiast, have a strong interest in learning and exploration of the keyboard, want to carry it easily, and can customize the arrangement, then the 61/64/68 key arrangement is more suitable.

  • Select the right switch according to the game type

The choice of keyboard axis should be selected in combination with different types of games and personal usage habits.

If you are playing FPS and TPS games, you need to switch buttons quickly, and it is easy to force violently during the game, so choose a black switch keyboard. For girls, if you want a softer feel, the red switch and tea switch keyboards are more suitable.

If you play MOBA and RPG games and need frequent key input, the key travel is short, and the response speed is fast, the black switch, red switch and brown switch keyboard are good choices.

If you play FTG and fighting action games, you often use key combinations, and the keys require fast hand speed. Choose the blue switch keyboard for heavy hands, and choose the brown switch and red switch keyboards if you want to be softer.

  • According to individual needs, the selection is customized

At present, the production and processing modes of game mechanical keyboards are mainly divided into two types: mass-produced keyboards and customized keyboards.

Mass production refers to factory standardization and mass production of keyboards; customization refers to customizing DIY exclusive keyboards according to private requirements.

For most gamers, it is enough to choose a mass-produced keyboard, the price is low, the quality control is stable, and the game is completely sufficient.

If you are a keyboard enthusiast and want to play high-end, you can consider customizing the keyboard to achieve the exclusive keyboard adaptation requirements you want.

  • Distinguish the keycap material and make a reasonable match

At present, the material types and processes of keycaps are quite different. In mass-produced game keyboards, there are usually two types of keycap heights, original and OEM, which can be divided into 4 types according to the material:

Original ABS keycap, original PBT keycap

OEM PBT keycaps, OEM ABS keycaps

ABS keycaps are usually smooth to the touch and inexpensive to manufacture and are widely used in membrane keyboards and entry-level mechanical keyboards. The disadvantage is that it is not durable, easy to wear, and easy to be oiled for a long time.

PBT material keycaps are characterized by strong touch and hard enough wear resistance. It usually has two moulding processes: two-colour injection moulding and laser engraving. Under the same material, the two-colour injection moulding keycaps are more clear and wear-resistant than the laser engraved keycap characters.

In fact, whether it is the original factory or the OEM, the height difference of the keycap is actually not big. In terms of material, it is recommended to choose PBT material keycaps, which are good to the touch and durable, and will not be smooth and oily.

  • Consider usage scenarios for easy connection

At present, there are 3 mainstream gaming keyboard connection methods: wired keyboard, wireless Bluetooth keyboard and dual-mode keyboard.

Generally speaking, the control stability of the wired keyboard is better, and it will not be affected by the power problem;

The wireless Bluetooth keyboard is more convenient to use, but it needs to be charged or replaced frequently, and the signal stability is limited by distance.

The dual-mode keyboard supports both wired and wireless Bluetooth modes, with the best performance configuration.

If you want to be convenient to use, it is recommended to choose a Bluetooth wireless keyboard; if you think it is troublesome to replace the battery and charge, choose a wired keyboard; if you want to balance both if the budget is sufficient, you can directly use a dual-mode keyboard.


  1. How to measure the best gaming keyboard?

No matter what you buy, there must be certain reference standards. It is a wise choice to choose a gaming keyboard that suits you within your budget.


Most Preferred = Brand Recognition × Personal Budget × Game Type × Keyboard Configuration × Subjective Preference

Brand recognition: keyboard quality is guaranteed

Personal budget: determine the final purchase grade

Game Type: Affects the Best Play of the Keyboard

Keyboard configuration: determine the feel and experience

Subjective preference: DIY customization, RGB lighting effects, appearance preference, etc.

Each factor will affect the best purchase result of a gaming keyboard, so it is recommended that you combine your actual budget, consider the game type, usage habits and personal preferences, and compare the reference keyboard configuration to make the best choice.

It should be emphasized here that although there are cost-effective gaming keyboards, in general, the higher the price, the better the quality and feel of the keyboard.