Do you truly need a Wireless WiFi Adapter?

If you have used a WiFi Adapter, you will know its function. But if you haven't used it, you will be confused about it. What is a WiFi Adapter and do I need one? When do you need to use WiFi Adapter?


First, What is a WiFi adapter?

It is a device that enables a computer to communicate with a wireless router. With this communication in place, the computer user can access the external Internet.

In the simplest terms, it can help you connect to WiFi networks nearby.


Do you need a WiFi Adapter? When do you need to use it?

  1. Get rid of the shackles of network cables.

Nowadays, Wi-Fi Internet access is more and more convenient. If the computer is too far from the network port to access the Internet wirelessly, and the desktop computer does not have a built-in wireless network card, the use of a WiFi Adapter is a good solution to this problem.


  1. When there is no built-in WiFi adapter on your computer/laptop or your computer's network card is broken.


  1. Turn wired into wireless

① Use the Wireless WiFi Adapter to replace the cumbersome wireless, which can help you when setting up a wireless desk.

② There is only one network cable in the company seat to connect the desktop computer to the Internet. The company does not have WiFi. When the mobile phone needs to connect to the network, you can use the AP mode of the Wifi Adapter to share the computer network.

  1. Improve wireless reception

What if the laptop's built-in wireless network card fails, or the signal reception becomes poor? The WiFi Adapter of the notebook is built-in, and most people cannot disassemble and replace it.

Therefore, the best solution is to buy an external wireless WiFi Adapter with better reception capability instead.


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