Is it necessary to buy a laptop stand?

Whenever you work at your desk with your laptop;

Whenever you lift your head and twist your sore neck;

Every time you shrug your shoulders and move your back;

Are you thinking that you really need a laptop stand?


The benefits of using a laptop stand.


1) Raise the eye level and relieve the pressure on the cervical spine

When using a laptop, our angle of view is generally inclined downwards, and it is easy to cause cervical spine fatigue after working for a long time. The advantage of the laptop stand is to help us raise the eye level and relieve the pressure on the cervical spine.


2) Highly flexible adjustment

It can be adjusted to a comfortable height for your own viewing angle or cervical spine.

You can adjust height and angle flexibly, ergonomic laptop stand brings you a comfortable experience. Relieve neck stiffness, back pain, shoulder ache and eye strain, help you read and type comfortably during working.

3) Heat-dissipating design, suitable for hot environments or high-load computer operation

Generally, a hollow heat dissipation design is used, and the heat dissipation area is significantly larger than that of many notebook stands I have seen.


4) Anti-skid and Laptop surface protection

There is a soft silicone pad on the contact surface, which is not only non-slip but also does not directly rub against the aluminium material when the notebook is placed on it, which is beneficial to protect the surface of the notebook.


5) Foldable and easy to carry

If you travel a lot on business or like to go to the cafe downstairs during work, this stand is foldable, very light, does not take up space in the bag, and is easy to carry. Personally, it is really convenient (touching fish) to work Life.


6) Reading on the shelf makes reading easier

In fact, everything can be racked. My favourite use scenario is to hold a paper book. From now on, I no longer have to look down at the table to read a book, nor do I have to read a book in my hand. There is a bracket to support it, and the feeling of reading is obviously much more comfortable. The joy of reading is back.


Using a laptop for a long time and bowing your head for a long time will cause serious injury to the cervical spine and spine. Choosing a suitable laptop stand can not only improve your sitting posture, and adjust your physical state, but also increase the cooling effect of the notebook, which is conducive to the better work of the notebook.


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