Why can't the WiFi Extender work and the network is very slow?

This blog summarizes some of the problems when using the Maxesla WiFi Extender.


Question 1:

After the WiFi Extender is successfully set up, the internet of the WiFi booster extender cannot be connected?

(Set successfully: when the indicator light of the wireless extender is green or orange)


Please refer to the following steps to check: (ensure that the extender is successfully set up.)

  • Confirm the strength of the WiFi network

Devices such as mobile phones and Pads are too far away from the extender or pass through obstacles. If the network from the searched extender is weak, it may not be able to connect. Please move the device close to the WiFi extender, make sure to find a strong wireless signal (more than two bars of wireless signal), and then try to connect.

  • Move the position of the extender

If the extender is too far from the main router (for example, more than 100 meters away, passing through two walls, etc.). The main signal detected by the extender is too weak, although the expansion is successful, the connection is unstable, and the device may not be able to connect to the network.

It is recommended to move the extender to a position closer to the router (such as only separated by a wall or in a position where you can search for two-bar signals), and the indicator light of the extender is green: Note: If the indicator light of the extender is already If it is green, follow the next steps.

  • Compare with other devices

If you have another laptop, cell phone or Pad, please try connecting with the extended network. If it's just a device that won't connect, check for a problem with that device.


In addition, if you enable wireless MAC address filtering on the extender, it may also cause the internet to fail. It is recommended to disable this function first.


Question 2:

After connecting the extender, the network is slower than before, what should I do?


  • Check the status of the indicator lights of the extender and adjust the placement position.

Check the indicator lights on the wireless extender.

After the extender is set up successfully, the indicator light is solid green, and the network signal is the strongest.

When the received signal strength is weaker farther from the primary router, the indicator light of the extender is orange. At this time, it is recommended to adjust the position of the extender in the direction close to the router.

Note: Please confirm the colour of the indicator light according to the instruction manual.

  • Comparison test

In the same location, use the same mobile phone or computer to connect the network of the extender and the main router respectively for network test comparison.

A: If the network of the connection is similar, it means there is no problem with the extender. Please refer to the following methods:

①Check the settings of the router;

②Whether the location is too far from the router, which is caused by many partitions.


B: If you connect the network of the router, the network is much faster than connecting the WiFi  extender; refer to the following methods:

① Check the placement of the extender, and try to avoid placing it in the corner;

② It is recommended that the antennas of routers and extenders be placed upwards as much as possible;

③ Connect the network close to the extender and then check the network;

④ If the above situation is excluded, please reset the extender.


Q3: How to connect the booster and restart the extender?

A3: Please read the manual, or click this operation video


Q4: Why is the network slow?

A4: The host needs to support 1200M and 5G signals, and the repeater needs to be connected to the host's 5G channel


Q5: Why can't I search for 5G signals?

A5: Within the 5G range of the router;

5G signal range will be small but support faster speeds


Through the above answers, if the problem cannot be solved, please contact the Maxesla team, we will provide you with technical support.